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        • Improve efficiency and profitability
        • Streamline projects and shipments
        • Increase market responsiveness
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Welcome to Elite Sourcing and Logistics, located in Denver CO.

Elite Sourcing and Logistics is a full-service product fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics company serving mid- to large-sized organizations. We have been serving retailers, wholesalers, product distributors, e-commerce companies and manufacturers throughout Colorado and the Western US for over 14 years.

Elite’s trained, full-time staff provides superior customer service, personalized service, and innovative solutions to reduce bottlenecks and stress and improve efficiency and profitability. As your company grows, outsourcing to a product fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics company provides flexibility and options for a faster response to changing market conditions. We focus on implementing highly organized inventory procedures and providing accurate reporting. Elite partners with your organization to save on employment costs, benefits, and other overhead expenses related to growth, so your organization can focus on your customers.

What Makes Us Elite?

Our operational structure allows for flexibility and responsiveness to your changing needs. We accomplish this by getting things right the first time while we consistently make process improvements. We actively listen to the needs of our clients and provide efficient, practical solutions. Our customers enjoy highly accurate, timely, detail-oriented services set in a foundation of teamwork and excellence. When you call in to speak to one of us, you are essentially speaking to all of us!

Who do we help?

Who do we help?

Our clients include:

  • Prepackaged food manufacturers
  • Entertainment subscription box programs, like crafting, DIY and personal care products
  • Bulk e-commerce providers
  • Point of sales marketing displays
  • Medical, construction, cosmetic, breweries, bakeries, distilleries, and others.

At times, we may provide solutions to our customers by bridging the gap between automation points in manufacturing and/or packaging processes.


“Beautiful, thank you for all the time, patience, and space! We definitely leaned on yall hard to get this project done and we appreciate all the help you have been.”

Matt, Amazon


“I threw a lot of changes at you this week.  You guys are always on top of it and awesome.”

Breckenridge Brewery


“Thank you Bill & Ozzy, I appreciate the whole Elite team! I would also like to let you all know what a big role you all played in helping 125 teens in Denver get Christmas gifts. All those packages with my name last week were for a partnership with Boys and Girls Club, so thank you again!”

Amazon Contact


“I want to thank you guys for always taking such great care of our boxes. I received my shipment and opened it  and it just makes me smile knowing the care your team puts into it. Thank you!!!”

Christina, Project DIY


“Your team is amazing! Thank you for all your support with making sure Veritiv is taken care of! We truly appreciate all of you!”

Sara, Veritiv


“Don you and your team do a wonderful job for us.  Thank you!”

Scott, Stephen Gould


“As always, you and your crew overachieve in customer service which always gets us out of a bind when needed.”

Marlene, Amazon


“Thanks for being a great partner and here’s to many more years of success together.”

Amy, MFB


“Very much appreciated your team does amazing work!”

Dustin, GT Industries


“You are a very amazing vendor partner and we appreciate your willingness to help.”

Joan, Veritiv


“You and your team are the best!”

Tracie, DeLine Box


“Love you Don and Betsy and the entire Elite Sourcing and Logistics Team! The answer to anything we need is always YES and we simply could not do what we do without the home you provide for us. Thank you!” Bob Bell, CEO/Founder, Food For Thought Denver

Elite Sourcing & Logistics


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