Elite Sourcing and Logistics, LLC

11000 E. 51st Avenue Denver, CO 80239


Shipping /Receiving: Bill@elitesourcingandlogistics.com    720-327-5742

Sales: Don@elitesourcingandlogistics.com   303-250-8134

Elite Sourcing and Logistics is a privately owned business based in Denver, Colorado and provides quality sourcing, fulfillment, and logistics to both domestic and international companies.

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Elite provides full sourcing for all your needs. We source from local and international companies to ensure you’re getting the product you want and need at the best prices available.





Elite has an in-house team that does all fulfillment and kitting. Our team is small enough that we can provide full customization for your company’s needs. Pay us to fulfill your product assembly needs so you don’t have to. We can produce your product at a low cost and a short lead time.




Let Elite help you to be more efficient by assembling your products and packaging in-house so you don’t have to, saving you time and money.





Logistics can be critical to your business’ success. We can help with on time delivery and reduce the stress of having to do it yourself. We have a veteran operations staff who can figure it out for you. Check out our senior staff members at Contact us.