About Us

Elite Sourcing and Logistics provides continuous value for our clients with high quality, accurate, and timely product fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics services to the Rocky Mountain region.  We offer reliability, teamwork and constant systems improvements to organizations needing an outsourced solution. Founded in 2010, Elite’s warehouse space has grown by multiples with the ability to leverage modern technology to easily provide outstanding industry performance metrics!


Inventory Tracking Accuracy

Elite provides product fulfillment solutions, warehousing, and logistics services to help mid- to large-sized organizations scale up space, labor, and transportation needs. Our 3rd party product fulfillment, warehousing, logistics, kitting, assembly, and light manufacturing services will save you time, money, and staffing needs.

Meet Your Elite Leadership Team

Meet Your Elite Team

In The Community

Food For Thought

Elite looks for community alignments to help support the health and growth of our neighbors. Food For Thought, on a mission to eradicate childhood hunger, is one the organizations Elite supports with donations and in-kind warehousing services.

Our very favorite way to support our community is to support our internal staff, creating careers not just jobs for our people. Many who have worked for us over the years have realized home ownership, achieved advanced degrees, and established families. We know one thing is clear: when we invest in our people, they will invest in our customers. This means everyone in our organization is responsible and proud to serve every day!

Accuracy and flexibility in product fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics and is a cornerstone to Elite Sourcing and Logistics. We are always adding value to our customers organizations.

Elite Sourcing & Logistics