Elite provides services such as sourcing, fulfillment, and logistics to several local companies, helping them handle their inventory to increase their efficiency. These companies include eScience, Celestial Seasons, Coors, Noosa, Xing Iced Tea, Madhava, Allen Tape, and Century Link. This includes a design lab at our partner, DeLine Box.

We are a privately owned business who works together for quality products and the satisfaction of our customers. With 23 full time employees, our production continues to increase.



  • We’ll handle the busy work so you don’t have to
  • Send us the components and we’ll return the finished product

Graphic Design and Branding

  • Full service in-house studio to work with your existing brand templates, but we can also create new design concepts if you prefer.
  • Complete management of all aspects of production including attendance at press runs ensure quality as well as on time delivery.


  • Elite specializes in fulfillment and kitting
  • Our customers can focus on their business without the hassle of handling and packaging inventory

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.56.45 AM


  • Kitting is one of Elite’s specialties
  • We provide a full-time kitting team devoted to completing all your kitting needs

We Offer

  • Manufacturing supply chain network spanning North America and Asia
  • Customer packaging
  • Production capacity
    • Small runs
    • Trailer truck loads



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