Ever wondered how those perfectly stacked displays of BBQ rubs end up at your local grocery store? At Elite Sourcing and Logistics, we recently tackled a massive copacking and kitting project, assembling and shipping out a whopping 1,880 BBQ rub displays to retailers.

This might seem like a straightforward task, but it takes a surprising amount of coordination and effort! Here’s a glimpse into the not-so-secret world behind those enticing displays:

The Breakdown: 61 Components, 114,743 Touches

Each BBQ rub display is surprisingly complex, requiring 61 individual components to come together. This includes everything from the master carton and base to the pedestal, header card, instructions, and of course, the rubs themselves (48 per display!).

To fulfill this order, our team meticulously “touched” (picked, packed, assembled) a staggering 114,743 items. That’s not just the displays themselves, but also includes pallets, labels, and other necessary packaging materials.

Double Duty: Weight Matters

The displays themselves weigh in at a hefty 44 pounds each. During the assembly process, our team efficiently builds the trays and modules before adding the rubs. This means each display’s 44 pounds gets handled twice, resulting in a total of 165,440 pounds (or a whopping 82.72 tons) moved throughout the project.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (and Moves the Rubs!)

Here’s where it gets impressive: with a team of just 15 people, each member played a crucial role in moving an average of 11,029.33 pounds (or 5.51 tons) of BBQ rub goodness! And that’s on top of the 35 other kitting projects they managed during the same period.

The Takeaway: More Than Meets the Eye

The next time you see a BBQ rub display at your local store, take a moment to appreciate the unseen effort behind it. At Elite Sourcing and Logistics, we take pride in our efficient and meticulous processes, ensuring that your favorite rubs get to you quickly and safely. We may “touch” a lot of items, but it’s all to make sure our clients look great AND bring you the perfect grilling experience!

Do you have a complex product point-of-sale assembly, kitting, and shipping project coming up? Let’s talk!