Manufacturing is becoming increasingly automated, with AI playing a larger role in production lines. While AI is revolutionizing the industry, it can’t solve every problem. There are still tasks that require human intervention, especially when it comes to intricate tasks and those requiring dexterity.

Elite Sourcing and Logistics: Filling the Gaps in AI-powered Manufacturing

Elite Sourcing and Logistics offers a variety of services that can address these shortcomings in AI-powered manufacturing. Here’s how:

Quality Control: Sorting for quality control is an area where AI is still under development. Human oversight is essential to catch defects that might slip by AI systems. Elite Sourcing and Logistics invests in fulltime, skilled workers to perform these inspections versus relying on temporary staffing to maintain the highest levels of quality control.

Sorting and Kitting: There are many sorting and kitting tasks that are difficult to automate due to their complexity. For example, sorting items by size, shape, or color may require human judgment. Elite Sourcing and Logistics can provide efficient manpower to tackle these sorting tasks to reduce error and waste.

Rebalancing and Repackaging: Manufacturing lines often need products to be rebalanced or repackaged. This could be due to changes in orders or damaged goods. These tasks can be time-consuming and may not be suitable for automation. Elite Sourcing and Logistics can provide the workforce needed to handle these situations, allowing the organization to scale up and down to meet consumer demand.

Specialized Manufacturing Services:

  • Packing Sampler Packs: Creating sampler packs that include multiple different SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) can be a challenge for automation. These tasks often require careful attention to detail. We develop step-by-step processes for each project, ensuring customized detail-orientation.
  • Small or Large Specialty Orders: Fulfilling small or large specialty orders can also be a challenge for automation. These orders may require special handling or packaging. We are often contacted by those working with co-packers that struggle with accuracy in inventory reporting and timeliness of product distribution.
  • Product Displays: Creating product displays can be a complex task that requires creativity and spatial reasoning. While AI is being developed for these tasks, it may not yet be suitable for all situations. One project that showcases our excellence in this area is a project completed for the 100th anniversary of Local Hive Honey, where Elite’s team assembled 640 displays, each with 12 different components.

Elite Sourcing and Logistics can provide the workers who have the professionalism, dexterity and creativity to handle these specialized manufacturing services.


Even the most advanced AI-powered manufacturing facilities can benefit from the flexibility and adaptability that human workers provide. Elite Sourcing and Logistics can partner with you to ensure that your manufacturing runs smoothly and efficiently, even when challenges arise.

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