Small business operations require effective collaboration between different departments, and logistics is no exception. For most small business owners, warehousing, packaging, and shipping operations can be burdensome, time-consuming, and ultimately lead to production delays. To overcome these challenges, it is critical to identify and prioritize the core competencies of your logistics operations. Most find after this exercise, an outsourced partnership with groups like Elite Sourcing & Logistics becomes more attractive. This blog post will explore the core competencies of small business third-party logistics (3PL) solutions for you to determine if in house or outsource solutions are a better investment.

Inventory Management

Maintaining optimal inventory levels is crucial for most small businesses. Without proper inventory management, companies can experience stock-outs, excess stock, and even obsolete stock, ultimately leading to significant losses. One core competency of small business 3PL solutions is inventory management. 3PL providers like Elite with a strong inventory management system can help small businesses optimize their inventory levels while ensuring minimum stockout, thus reducing the risk of loss. We can even boast a 99.98% accuracy rate here at Elite!

Product Fulfillment

Small business owners often struggle to meet their retailer’s expectations for timely and accurate product fulfillment for store shelves. Failing to deliver on time can impact your reputation and cause your retailers to lose loyal customers. Efficient product fulfillment is a core competency of 3PL providers as they can help small businesses streamline processes and reduce the time it takes to fulfill orders from retailers and other distribution outlets. Small businesses can expect 3PL partners like Elite to handle the entire order fulfillment operation, from first mile pick up of pallets of products to delivery to wholesalers, retailers, and even other supply chain managers.

Transportation Management

Transportation is another critical component of logistics operations for small businesses. However, managing transportation can be complex and time-consuming, especially for those with limited expertise in this domain. 3PL providers can help small businesses manage transportation through their core competency in transportation management.

Technology Integration

The importance of technology in logistics operations cannot be overstated. With the rise of e-commerce, small business owners must keep track of their entire logistics operations and ensure seamless connectivity between different departments. 3PL providers like Elite can help small businesses improve their technology integration through their core competency in this domain. By providing real-time updates, integrating different systems, and ensuring data accuracy, 3PL providers allow small businesses to focus on other core competencies critical to their operations instead of managing daily inventory stocking demands.


Small business owners seeking growth must have the ability to scale their operations without affecting their existing operations. 3PL providers like Elite have the core competency to handle the logistics operations for small businesses looking to scale their operations. They can leverage their existing infrastructure and resources to help small businesses expand their logistics operations quickly and efficiently, moving product into the hands of resellers quickly and seamlessly.

Small businesses require effective logistics operations to ensure the timely delivery of their products and services. By partnering with 3PL providers like Elite Sourcing & Logistics, small businesses can leverage their core competencies to optimize their logistics operations. Be sure to choose a 3PL provider with the expertise required to manage your specific logistics needs, whether it’s inventory management, product distribution fulfillment, transportation management, or technology integration. Remember, outsourcing logistics operations will not only help avoid costly mistakes but also free up precious time for small business owners to focus on other core competencies. Still not sure if working with a 3PL partner is right for your organization? A conversation with our experts at Elite Sourcing and Logistics will help. Call us today!